a place popular for massage
It's a shame why I didn't know this place before,I'm trying to comfort him by asking him where he knows now. I'm really satisfied, so I'm recommending everything.It is no exaggeration to call him the ultimate king of officialdom!Is it because I got it from a certified place?The effect, of course, is up!Most of all, […]

It's a shame why I didn't know this place before,
I'm trying to comfort him by asking him where he knows now.
I'm really satisfied, so I'm recommending everything.

It is no exaggeration to call him the ultimate king of officialdom!
Is it because I got it from a certified place?
The effect, of course, is up!
Most of all, it's worth the money!

I think we should really spread this out.
To brag about it, I'm going to write a review.

It is also famous in Bucheon.
No need to say! Steamed maintenance shop!
It's called Sound Body Sound Skin.

It's a chain store. Nearby, this place is...
If there is, you must take it.
That's what I want to say.

It's a good protoplanet.
He's been very meticulous with care,
I've already come here, and I've already been touched.
Pay on a membership basis!
I made it cool.

Popular among Bucheon Sangdong Massage Shop
You have to make a reservation here at any time you want!
That you can get it. Keep that in mind!
Promise in advance and visit.

It's right in front of Exit 1 and 2 of Sangdong Station in Bucheon.
I've been there for the first time.
I was able to find it quickly.
I can't ignore the accessibility when I see things like this.

There's a parking lot.
I'm going to pull the car later.
Parking worries are over.

The situation is not good these 분당건마 days because of the corona,
That's why they're so much more thoroughly quarantined.
They are sterilizing it.

Since it's a chain store, it's even more
I think it's going to be a concern.~

Cleanliness and cleanliness from the entrance!
From disinfection to heat check, it's never really passed by.
Personally, I really like things like this.
I feel like I'm being completely quarantined.
Cesco's on its own.
It's a lot more comfortable!

How did you make the interior so neat?
It was perfect for my taste.
It's very luxurious.
So I was actually a little worried.
I think it's too expensive here. Doing...
(I'm rather timid...)

But you don't have to worry about it!

This place is popular as Bucheon Sangdong Massage
Gold ring and black fill management are famous:)
I don't know what kind of care I'm gonna get.
I thought about it. ㅠ.ㅠ Why? I wanted both of them.

The conclusion is that next time you get a black pen,
I decided to get a gold ring this time.
Since I'm doing it, with my whole body. Full!

Usually, I have sensitive skin.
Side effects or troubles.
I was afraid it would happen.
It wasn't for nothing to say that the cost-effectiveness was good.

The product you use is high quality.
So I get a high-quality one, but it's a good price!
I think we're done with this.

If you've decided what kind of care you're going to take,
You can be guided to the dressing room and change into a gown and come out.

It's neatly organized inside the dressing room, too.
All the equipment you need is just a snap.
There's a shower in there, too!

When the whole process is over,
Perfect for taking a shower.
They're ready.^^

When I went into Aroma, I didn't have to take a shower.
They said it's better to let it seep into your skin.
I didn't take a shower.

If you don't like it, or maybe later,
If you have an appointment, you can use it, right?

I changed into a gown, moved to the room,
There was a private room and a group room.

Depending on who's coming,
I thought you were going to assign me.

I asked him, if a friend or family comes with you,
You're gonna let me get it from the same place.
Please refer to it.
Here's the picture of the main character.
This is the gold ring I got.
Because she's so amazed at how she looks.
You gave me the honor to take a picture.
Thank you again.

Gold ring care using human self-current,
It's harmless to the human body, so you can rest assured.

It's not just the maintenance.
Please explain one by one while you do it.~
So I'm going to explain everything from time to time.
This is how it works.
I thought about it. ^^

I've got a lot of tips!

And counseling is really important.
Everyone has different skin types, right?
Someone's very sensitive.
Someone's extremely sensitive.
Some people have a lot of trouble!
There are many different types.
This is a place where you can see your skin conditions.
It's a matter of management!

What kind of effect do you want to get, etc.
It's important to be meticulous from the beginning.
Clearly, I'm talking enough.
Maybe it's because I got in there, but I like the results more.

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