I’m supposed to go get a massage with her.
I've had so much fatigue in my body. I'm gonna take my close brother, and I'm gonna take him to a nearby… I'm going to write a massage for the Great War in Cheongdam The Thai. She's been to get it. ​ When I met my brother halfway through, I'm looking for a place where […]

I've had so much fatigue in my body.

I'm gonna take my close brother, and I'm gonna take him to a nearby…

I'm going to write a massage for the Great War in Cheongdam The Thai.

She's been to get it.

When I met my brother halfway through,

I'm looking for a place where I can get close.

I used to be here.

According to the current situation, the entrance is marked with a precautionary notice.

Hand sanitizer and spray type.

There was an easy-to-use disinfectant.

I've seen a lot of places with hand sanitizer.

There are two types of spray types.

I think I've never seen you here before.

I'll check my reservation, look around the interior,

The first thing I heard was that it was luxurious.

Daejeon Massage has a fancy, luxurious concept,

I liked it because it was so neat and shiny on the floor.

You have to change your clothes to get a massage.

So I took my sister into the changing room.

He's kind enough to show you where he is.

When I went in, the storage box came into my eyes first.

It's a big storage box, so even thick clothes.

It's not going to break. It's not going to break.

There was a dressing table in the changing room.

When we went, it was afternoon, so people…

I'm sure you've been to a lot of places already, like mirrors.

The floor was so clean and ready.

Skin, lotion, remover, etc.

We've got a lot of things in store.

The Great Massage is capable of washing its body.

There was a shower.

Before I came here to get a massage,

I took a quick shower at home.

I'm gonna take a shower after the massage.

So I looked around the shower room first.

Every shower has an opaque partition.

There was. The tiles on the walls were luxurious.

Soap shampoo and conditioner for each shower,

Body wash was side by side, personal hygiene.

I had a disposable toothbrush for you.

And then I took my sister into the foot bath.

The foot bath warms your feet, so your body will be able to use the Great War massage.

to make sure he's in the right condition to accept it.

Basically, my body's tense and I've got strength.

If you get a massage while you're stiff, you'll feel more tired.

So that it doesn't happen because it's there.

He said he'd do it.

It's a little less spectacular here than the rest of the space.

I could tell he was calm and tidy.

Maybe that's why he's soaking his feet and meditating.

I felt like I could have done it.

There are several chairs in the footbath room, so I'm gonna get a foot bath.

I thought I'd run into other people while I was doing it.

From the time we get a reservation, we'll run into each other.

I was relieved to hear that you wouldn't let me.

I was looking around the footbath. Please bring me a car.

I'm a person who doesn't like cars, so later on,

I was thinking I should drink when I'm thirsty.

My brother and I like coffee more than tea.

After I tasted the tea you brought me, it was clean and light.

I've tried it, and the taste isn't that bitter taste.

I was able to drink comfortably.

There's a foot bath in there.

We can start without waiting.

If we get in there, we'll have to wait.

If I did, that time would have been boring.

You can put your feet in warm water.

I liked the way he was.

If you put your feet in the water, at the end,

Scrub me, please.

There was a scrub next to the foot bath.

You use it to exfoliate your feet.

Please make sure the blood circulation is good.

I have cold feet and good blood circulation.

I don't like it, so every time the scrub goes by,

It had a bumpy feeling, but soon it was soft.

You scrubbed me, and I was cool afterwards.

The skin on my feet is brighter.

After the foot bath, I went to get a massage.

We were both in a state of stiffness.

I've chosen a tie that's highly pressurized.

I'm afraid it'll hurt because the muscles in my body were so tight.

I was worried, but a Korean professional caretaker started with his calves.

You pressed it, but it was cool, contrary to my worries.

My back and shoulders are so tight that my body and my shoulders are so tight.

Even if I don't have to tell you, you're gonna need to slow down

I need to figure out the conditions of the muscles that had been clumped while releasing them.

I think it was cooler because you pressed it deeply and released it.

You use hand pressure to control the tension and release it.

I could feel a deeper refreshment.

You're stretching for the Great Massage.

Once you've received this, you'll be able to see even the deep muscles.

I could feel it coming loose.

Stretching right after the massage is done is…

Cleanse the untapped clumps and fatigue.

I think it's to get rid of it.

on the shoulders that seemed like they were never going to let go.

The clumps are gone, and when you press it with your fingers,

It's soft enough to go in smoothly.

I feel like I'm getting lighter and more active.

I saw a single room on my way out after stretching.

The area of the bed you lie on when you get a massage is small.

I didn't think I'd be comfortable.

I got a massage with a close brother on this day,

I'm the only one who can get a massage without being disturbed.

It felt like a comfortable, cozy room.

A group room for up to four people.

Family unit, couple friends.

I think it'll be good to go.

I come here to get a massage by myself.

Family and friends, all together.

They say there's a case comes.

Get a massage and eat out for lunch.

I'm gonna fix dinner, go home, 출장안마 refresh myself.

I thought it would be good to go to sleep.

Give me another car after the massage.

It was nice to give you another cup of tea.

I would have been disappointed if you didn't give me one.

refreshments that can simply satisfy one's hunger

You gave me a break, so I took a rest.

He's usually anemic, so he sits down,

You lie down, you get up, you move, and your head…

She said she was dizzy, but she sat down with a massage.

There's room to rest, so I'm relieved.

He's recharged.

Thanks to the Great Massage, we're going to be able to make our daily

When I came back, it was a new kind of life.

I'm light, so I can stay stronger.

I recommend you because you're here, and next week, you're a close brother.

We're going to go to a meteorological station near the company.

I've decided to go get a massage.

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