Through the PostingAlba, we’re going to do it in various ways.
These days it's annoying to write on blogs.It's like writing over and over again.I often get bored.​Blogging this situation (blogging)Many people call me that.​I've also come to this stage of stagnation.I let go of running my blog for a while.The posts that were constantly coming up.It doesn't come up, so Naver doesn't do this.I'm not […]

These days it's annoying to write on blogs.

It's like writing over and over again.

I often get bored.

Blogging this situation (blogging)

Many people call me that.

I've also come to this stage of stagnation.

I let go of running my blog for a while.

The posts that were constantly coming up.

It doesn't come up, so Naver doesn't do this.

I'm not sure if you notice it.

It was so cool.

Four to five posts a day.

I uploaded it, and now I have one per day.

I feel a lot of bother writing, too.

I don't think I'm gonna let go of my hands like this.

This time, I found a way to overcome the double challenge.

It's the posting part-time job.

Overcoming blitzers and 마사지구인 growing blogs.

I'm going to post a post office where I can get help.

I started it through a company called J-Ad.

Postingalba is a very popular place these days.

They're doing side jobs or two jobs.

I'm also working and working.

Maybe the profits from the job are not enough.

I felt inadequate, so I thought it was a cognitive post-alpha

I could feel the profit I was making.

PostingAlba experiences the product firsthand.

Do not create a promotional manuscript for the product.

I received the manuscript that has already been written from the company.

It's to upload a post.

What I was most worried about here was...

It's what the company has to offer.

It was part of the nature of the manuscript.

Maybe it's not an account owned by an account.

The nature of the manuscript is covered with advertising.

It's got a lot of disorganized.

I had the same suspicion.

I got my first manuscript from Jay-ad.

After uploading it, we looked at the movements.

I was worried that the writing would go down in poor quality.

It's not like I'm worried about you.

I could see it with my eyes.

It's not the format that you've been writing yourself before.

There were high-quality contents.

If I'm going to be able to achieve this high quality,

I think we need to invest 2 hours as a base.

I've been taking good care of him before he went through the ordeal.

I could have expected higher exposure.

What's certain is that the manuscript received from the company

It was very natural.

J. Ade has more than 500 bloggers.

It's not as powerful as it is because it's directly.

I thought you'd take my blog lightly.

I saw them create higher quality than I thought.

I started to trust the company.

J. Ade has a well-organized manuscript process.

Communicating with bloggers in real time.

I'm helping with direct management.

Sometimes to maximize the effectiveness of advertising

I've been offered an economic reward.

There are many companies that don't specify.

According to the Fair Trade Commission, the cost of the economy is high.

When you create a post that is provided

I told him that this must be specified.

But with the effectiveness of advertising as a priority,

We're going to break this down and cause a lot of damage to the bloggers.

There are a lot of companies that let me wear it.

J. Ade doesn't cheat on consumers.

If there are any concerns about future legal issues,

I'm taking good care of it.

I trusted him the whole time.

Previously, the average number of visitors per day was

I've been keeping it, and that's what I've been trying to do.

I thought it was stable.

But after we started working together,

Get high-quality content every day

And as we upload it, it's been steadily increasing.

Checking the number of visitors changed my mind.

A fixed number of visitors is less likely to grow.

With the help of Jay Ade, we're going to improve the nature of the writing.

Increasing the frequency of higher exposure.

The increase in the amount of inflow has led to see that

I saw the potential for growth.

I started the PostingAlba.

At first, I was worried about losing my account.

There were a lot of doubts about the company.

We've been working together for about nine months.

Faster than I've ever raised myself.

I'm looking at my blog, and I'm looking at it.

I think it's a good thing I met J. Ade.

Of course, additional income from your bank account is good, too ^^;

I'm sure you'll all be able to see the blitzers.

If you feel that you lack content,

Through the PostingAlba, we're going to do it in various ways.

I hope you grow a blog!

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