It’s a single room and it’s very cozy and neat.
I started an hour of massage like this~!!!I'm getting a massage.Muscle relaxation releases the clumped muscles.I was getting sleepy.The day I went to Burentai...Maybe it's because the muscles relax and the muscles relax.I was able to sleep well.So this is the effect of massage.I even thought about facilitating the circulation of blood and lymphatic […]

I started an hour of massage like this~!!!

I'm getting a massage.

Muscle relaxation releases the clumped muscles.

I was getting sleepy.

The day I went to Burentai...

Maybe it's because the muscles relax and the muscles relax.

I was able to sleep well.

So this is the effect of massage.

I even thought about it.

by facilitating the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid,

Massage to prevent disease and promote blood circulation!!

I mean, I've been doing this regularly.

She's getting a massage.

You stretch at the end.

through the process of pressing and pulling, twisting, etc.

It gives you more flexibility.

It relieves stress.

I felt like I was warming up.Yo~

in a cycle

It's like the body's toxins are being released.

I've been feeling nervous.

It really made me feel comfortable.~

My husband's got a 부산 건마 taimasazi.

He says he feels like he's strengthened in his organs.

I asked him why.

I heard his digestive system has improved.

I thought this was the effect of massage.

in our shrinking bodies

It solves all kinds of constrained muscle mass.

And the headaches are getting rid of them.

It relieves indigestion.

I feel like I'm in the right place and I'm going to get well.

It's a really cool thing to do you know.

Satisfied Suncheon Massage Shop Barun Thai

The price is reasonable.

She's a great massager.

It was a very satisfying place.

For those of you who want to warm up,

You should go there once in a while.

I go to work at 5 a.m. and work until 9 p.m. due to the 2.5 steps of distance... Self-employed people, fighting!

My shoulders hurt so much and my back hurts so much that I went to the Cheongna Body Care Institute to get back care.

The parking lot is very spacious and up to the 4th basement floor, so I park around and go to the 8th floor Pretty Esthetic.

Parking is currently free.

Pretty after 8th floor. Esthetic appearance,

Is the store pretty according to the name of the store?? I fell in love with the lighting before I went in.

Marble floor, white interior, and nice lighting.

This is not a cafe. I think this is the place where the director has a good sense.

These days, massage shops need to be this clean to go to them, right? Cleanliness and disinfection are all the more important these days. ~

Since Hyo Buri is in, the staff will check it out and fill in the visitors before entering!
On the left side of the couch, there's a table for counseling.

It's pretty on the left. The products that Esthetic uses are introduced.

Cheongna Prettyesthetic has various management such as face care / body care / postpartum care.

It's so nice to have a systematic management.

I like the big mirror under the pretty chandelier lighting, and I like the sofa and the place.

It's a great place to wait.
I heard pace management is also good. I want to get an apple therapy next time!

You can get a 50% discount on first-time visit experience management.Yesthetic!

Even business cards are selfish.
It's a place where I can get maintenance.

It's a single room and it's very cozy and neat.

Oh, it's warm. I don't know if you're sleeping. LOL

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