I40 How to Use Used Cars Properly
To clean up the clothes, I'd like to have the living boxes ready.I ordered it a few days ago, but it's coming today, isn't it?The delivery is really fast. In the meantime, non-face-to-face.I got a friendly message saying that it's going to be delivered.I can't believe everyone's gonna get through this recession.I wish I could […]

To clean up the clothes, I'd like to have the living boxes ready.

I ordered it a few days ago, but it's coming today, isn't it?

The delivery is really fast. In the meantime, non-face-to-face.

I got a friendly message saying that it's going to be delivered.

I can't believe everyone's gonna get through this recession.

I wish I could be here. It's hard for me, too.

I need a car. They say the cost-effectiveness is good.

I came back after watching i40 middle and high school.

They say it's a medium-sized wagon, but somehow the exterior of the car looks like it

It's not like a full sedan. It's a suv.

It looked a little different, so was it RV?

I wanted to, but it's classified as a wagon.^^

I don't have that long driving experience.

He was on the side, and he didn't know much about it.

You've been through a lot of trouble guiding me.

I was grateful for that. Anyway.

I was introduced as a bungboong with good cost-effectiveness.

Full name is Hyundai The New i40.7 VGT D Spec

So that's it. Diesel-fueled models.

It's the highest-grade trim I've ever seen.

You gave me a hint. Maybe that's why we're indoors.

There's not a lack of options available.

I was on the side. I was surprised at the variety.

I tend to have a bit of an annual leave. in 2016

It was with me. so under the influence of it

You've introduced me to a good, cost-effective bungboong.

It looked like it. You can always choose the color.

It was plain white and glossy.

It was well maintained beforehand, so this is what happened.

The idea that you don't have to worry about in

That's what I'm holding it. It was an auto mission. Daily.

I think it's a good idea to roll as a car.

I got to do it. It was a blunt appearance.

Oh, I thought this is the Wagon.

The tires are solid, too! Seating space efficient

in the back of

It's a car with a fairly large loading dock.

I'm guessing that the tires will weigh a lot.

I was able to do it. That's why I was worried.

It's worn out to a certain extent. Tread

It wasn't maintained 88카 중고차 like a new one, but for a moment,

I thought I wanted too much, anyway.

When you check the wheel, it's very glossy.

It's been spinning. It's never been seen before.

I was surprised at how unusual it was.lol

I opened the trunk, and some of the boxes were very...

represented by an easy-going loading box

There was, and I was able to use the interior space more efficiently.

I think I can try it. As for me, I'd like to have my family.

I've been driving around a lot of times.

I thought it would happen, so it's a very practical kind of thing.

I was looking into it. To meet my needs

You introduced me as a good model so I can meet you.

Yeah, and the only thing I'm sorry about is that I'm gonna pick right away.

So you couldn't have done it. I can inherit it from my uncle.

There is a situation, so I put it on hold for now.

But keep going on with the reviews for the i40 used car.

Let's take a look. Privately, inside the window.

Also install curtains to hide from view

It was on the dark side inside.

Luxurious colors processed in matte black

You're shaking my heart. And the driver's seat.

and looked at the other seats in an integrated way.

The marks used in the procedure weren't severe.

The only thing I can tell you about is the unexpected charm.

The color in the center of the seat is gray.

It was processed in two tones!

It's a good tilt, and it's basically set up.

Headroom and legroom weren't narrow. Haha

It's not enough space to drive alone.

I was able to meet them, and even if people rode more,

You don't have to worry, do you? I've never had an accident like this before.

You can go far without feeling safe.

I thought there would be. safety belt

The elasticity was the same for the first time, and I stretched it to the end.

I'm looking for signs of flooding.

Because I couldn't. It's a great story.

We could try it. Same thing with the air bags.^^

In row one, you'll be able to see a number of differently.

It was in form and is organized in various ways.

The front of the gearbox is the Auto Mission's

Lever is installed. at the back of this

There was a tumbler holder, and the shortcut was activated.

There's one. At the top of the center fascia,

It's got a built-in trip screen, and the i40s,

It also has heat and ventilation.

I was able to find out! We're going to use it.

I think I can do it. It's the most intuitive structure

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